Meridian Campus


For more than two decades, happy children have been thriving in our private, non-denominational Christian school.  The Children’s Hour Academy was created to be an extension of your loving arms and a part of your child’s foundation for life.

Accelerated Academics

Learning is dynamic, not static…based on each child’s learning style. Our classrooms are small enough to create an environment that facilitates optimal learning for these unique individuals. Fully engaged children learn using all their senses, and this builds excitement, opening up unlimited potential. As a result, advanced children are easily accelerated.

Foreign Language, Computer Lab, Music & Sports

Would you like your child to learn Spanish?  And computers?  These are just two of the classes available to our students.  And while other schools are eliminating programs in the arts, our commitment to a fully rounded education remains strong. Children love our music sessions and, in addition to gym classes, can choose to play soccer.


The Children’s Hour Academy makes learning a natural and fun process that involves the mental, physical, spiritual and behavioral processes of every priceless student.

Small Classes

Low teacher/student ratios and small classroom sizes ensure that your child never gets lost in the crowd.  And it gives us the freedom to understand each child’s learning style and personality

Values-Based Education

We teach children that they are unique gifts of God, created for a special purpose.  If they take one lesson from our school and apply it to the good of others, then we have been successful teachers.

Year-Round Program

No worries about summer – our program runs all 12 months, 7am-6pm each day.


Our Meridian Campus serves children from preschool through elementary grades.

Program Highlights

  • Small class sizes
  • Integrated core curriculum with individualized academic goals
  • Visual-spatial learning environment
  • Formal assessments/testing for all ages
  • Spanish language and cultural instruction
  • Art programs
  • Music Programs
  • Consistent electronic communication from teachers
  • Year-round program with curriculum
  • Educated teachers (Bachelor/Master Degrees)
  • Theme-based summer school activities
  • Supported by the CHA Foundation
  • Scholarship available for the academic school year

Our Facility

  • Conveniently located in Lake Oswego near I-5
  • State-of-the-art 18,000 sq-ft building
  • Secure passcode entrance
  • Full-Size Gym
  • Library
  • Art Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Cafeteria & Kitchen
  • Playground

School Extras

  • Healthy, child-friendly, chef-prepared meals
  • Breakfast, lunch & snacks
  • Field trips
  • Holiday and family events
  • Optional soccer program

Come Take a Tour

Bring your family to see our school!

Email us at or call 503-635-2139